Client Testimonial

Transform Remote Presentations

Mark Hunter is also known as The Sales Hunter. He helps sales people and companies to find and retain better prospects, that they can close at full price.

Discover how Mark Hunter is leveraging Ideao Hub and Reactiv SUITE, to keep his clients engaged during remote sales meetings.

As a sales person, how do you keep the customer engaged and get efficient customer interaction during a remote sales meeting?

Virtual Selling got accelerated due to the pandemic situation. As a result, sales representatives face a big problem to provide the perfect quality and impactful sales pitches. Mark needs a solution to this problem.

The solution must help make remote sales meetings as good as face to face meetings.

Mark Hunter found Ideao Hub and Reactiv SUITE as the best solution for remote sales meetings. Reactiv SUITE allows the sales person to get their clients to pay attention and focus on what they are pitching. With Ideao Hub and the stylus Pen, Mark can write, highlight, and make notes on the presentations or documents. The solution helps Mark create the perfect engagement that is required to close a sale. 

Home Office Setup

Mark Hunter introduced his home office setup. A Lenovo laptop that runs Reactiv SUITE, and connect with Ideao Hub to present and annotate, along with a large 55″ monitor to see the audience/meeting participants.

Write, Highlight and Follow-Up

Mark said the trick with the solution is its ability to write, highlight, change and make notations right on the presentation. It’s not like writing on a whiteboard where it doesn’t stick to the document. This sticks to the document, so it allows him to recap at the end and also have a more efficient follow-up with the customer after the conversation.

Executive Presence

Mark said having an executive presence in a remote sales meeting is an absolute key factor. It is important for the sales person to stand out in the meeting, create an eye contact and the customer should be able to see the sales persons facial expressions to connect better and engage back. Reactiv SUITE allows you to resize your camera and get on focus whilst presenting and this increases two way engagement.

Creating an Immersive In-Person Experience

He is not a technical person yet when he presents using Ideao Hub and Reactiv SUITE, people get wowed by it. Being non-technical if he can do it, he said anyone can do it. The solution is the most powerful tool for remote sales meetings.


24″ QHD Interactive Touch Monitor

4K AI Tracking Wide-Angle Webcam

4K AI 360° Conference Cam

Presentation Software for Windows

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