Look your best, and keep your webcam up-to-date.

Innex Camera is a camera setting software that handles camera settings in image adjustment, EPTZ, auto-framing control, and firmware update. The camera remembers your preferences after reboot so you only need to set it once. Windows version works with Innex C470 and Innex C220; macOS version currently works with Innex C470 only.

Easy to Tune

Innex Camera (VAP Studio) allows you to change brightness, sharpness, contrast, saturation, hue, and frequency (50/60Hz).

Customize Your Field of View

Zoom in and out using the plus and minus icon. Pan and tilt using the direction control. Take a photo to validate current Field of View and Region of Interest if necessary.

Auto-Framing On/Off

Turn on and off the auto-framing button to enable or disable auto-framing.

Firmware Update

Keep your webcam up-to-date. It takes only 30s to upgrade your firmware. Download the newest camera firmware (.bin file).


Supported System

Windows 10 (64/32 bit)

mac OS (Intel chip, M1 chip) 

Supported Cameras

Innex C220 (Windows version)

Innex C470 (Windows & macOS version)


Innex C220: Image settings, microphone test, firmware update.

Innex C470: Image settings, microphone test, firmware update, E-PTZ, auto-framing on/off.