Work From Home

Re-defined. Your Working From Home Experience

We know how working from home feels like, and how it changes the way we communicate. When hybrid working becomes new normal, Innex helps you to get rid of those hassle and show you how your working desk should be set up for efficiency. Connection and collaboration made easy!

Home Workspace Setup

Let you remote communication as effective as face-to-face. Connect your laptop to the Ideao Hub to present, annotate, and highlight to engage your audience. With Innex C220 pro webcam, look you best in every meeting.

Always at Your Best Condition

The Innex C220 features 1080P full HD resolution and superior low-light correction. No matter the lighting conditions in your home, the C220 ensures that your image is always clear and professional.

Customize your image settings using the software VAP studio!

Immersive Meeting Experience

Present any content, mark up, and draw as if you were writing with pen and paper. The combination of Ideao Hub with Reactiv SUITE enhances your online presentations and training, making them immersive and effective for both you and your audience.

Pro Webcam & Interactive Display

1080P Pro Webcam with Stereo Mics

4K Auto-Framing AI Pro Webcam

24″ QHD 10-Point Touch Interactive Display

MPP2.0 Stylus Pen with 4096 Pressure Levels


Best-in-class presentation software & Whiteboard that transforms any remote presentation.

Stay Connected

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