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Face-to-face class is no longer the only choice of certain disciplines. Re-imagine the form of online class!

We help you make your virtual class better and more inclusive: superior image quality, true-to-life video color, natural lighting balance, auto-tracking, high-performance microphone, and plug-and-play USB connectivity. You can easily stream your content on your favorite platform.

No matter you are the teacher or the learner, we provide you the simple solutions to achieve more in the digital world. Share your passion, anywhere, anytime.

Wrong color & narrow view
Auto Light correction, 120˚ view angle
Wrong color & narrow view
Auto Light correction, 120˚ view angle

4K Beautiful Image with Super Wide View Angle

Stop being trapped in the narrow view or compromising to the odd angle. The Innex C470 pro webcam features 120˚ wide view angle to capture more within less distance required. Distortion correction is tuned so you look great in video.

The built-in flexible swivel mount let you tilt and pan to find the best angle.

Intelligent Virtual Director

Featuring auto facial-tracking that follows your move. Without extra software needed, the AI-powered auto-tracking ensures that you are always centrally focused in the frame, as if having a virtual director.

Combining 4K resolution and wide view angle, the Innex C470 delivers crisp and clear visuals to your audience. 

Innex C830

Capture the Whole View

For bigger space such as dancing studio, gymnasium, and rehearsal room, the 180˚ panoramic view allows remote participants to see the whole view and everyone’s reaction, and improving engagement and interactivity.

The facial tracking of Innex C830 are able to track one or multiple people simultaneously using Innex software. Even when they are roaming in the room, the video frame stays in focus accurately.

Need to See Closer? Stream at 60 FPS

Your online class requires a closer view to demonstrate, such as knitting a blanket, making a bracelet, painting, or building lego. A visualizer/document camera can help you achieve the best result.

Stream every delicate movement smoothly with high frame rate at up to 60 fps. The big shooting gives you a stage to show. Simply adjust the camera arm to get a closer view. With its autofocus and the built-in light, your video is always crisp and clear.

Unleash your creativity with Ideao visualizer.

Superior Video Quality

The Innex pro webcams and Ideao visualizers produce sharp and true-to-life videos, and the built-in microphone deliver voice clearly to your remote audience.

Flexible Mounting

Your can simply attach the webcam to your laptop or monitor using its built-in clip, or connect to a tripod for more flexible positioning.

Super Easy Setup

USB plug-and-play. All you need to do is to plug the camera to your laptop, and find a perfect angle that works for you. And you are all set!

4K Auto-Framing Wide-Angle Webcam with Mic

With 120˚ wide view angle, and AI-embedded intelligent framing system, the C470 can capture all the participants with ease while delivering crystal-clear 4K video with vibrant color balance. Suitable for home studio.

4K AI ePTZ Auto-Framing Webcam with Microphones

With 120˚ wide view angle, and AI-embedded auto framing and cristal clear 4K resolution, it can capture all the participants in mid-size to large meeting space with ease. On-line coaching such as Yoga and workout, while setting up the PC within your reach, you can show whole of your body. WIth the remote control, you can operate x 5 digital zoom and ePTZ intuitively.

4K Panoramic Webcam with View Angle Switch

Featuring outstanding 180˚ view angle, the C830 works best for bigger crowd, and spaces where you need to cover the full view. With 5 preset view angle switch, you can customize the view for your streaming at 180˚/150˚/120˚/90˚/75˚. 

Foldable Visualizer

DC400’s foldable pocket-size design makes it easy to carry anywhere you want. With flexible stand, height adjustment, built-in LED light, and 60fps hight frame rate, DC400 captures every detail and motion to engage your remote participants.

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