Remote Learning Solution

Optimized. Remote Learning Space

When learning no longer happens only at school, we need to rethink how remote learning can work as intuitive as kids are in the classroom. Unleash creativity and innovation within students and teachers with cutting edge collaboration technologies – make remote learning interactive, easy and fun!

For Student

Learning new things is never easy, not to mention learning online. Setting up a learning space where kids can sit comfortably for the long period of time is crucial. Most importantly, keeping kids focused and engaged throughout the class. Being able to express and share the work, as well as interacting with pupils can help with motivation and creativity.

For Teacher

Giving lessons at home is challenging- no matter it’s a live stream or pre-recorded class.  Content is for sure a key, while expressions, gestures, and tones also play an important role. Unsteady voice and poor video make online class frustrating.

Our solutions let you concentrate on teaching without worries.

Poor Video-Audio Quality?

The camera series produces sharp and true-to-life videos, and the built-in microphone that can block out all background noises and deliver your voice clearly.

Want to Show?

Digital content has its restriction. Writing steps of math solution, showing different angle of an object, or simply sharing a page of a book, in real-time. The Ideao series let you achieve so with ease.

Super Easy Setup

Place the webcam on your laptop, monitor, or mount it on a tripod to get the best frame. It’s ready to go within 1 min.

1080P Webcam with Stereo Microphones

The mini webcam C220 is easy to install, plug and play without any extra setting required. With its intelligent auto light correction, the C220 tunes the image for poor lighting and provides crisp video for students to interact in class with ease.

Foldable Visualizer

The foldable pocket-size light design makes it easy to carry around the classrooms. With lighting adjustment and the autofocus buttons on the top, teachers can be an instant expert showcasing a book page or students’ work without difficulty.

Stay Active

Ready to make your remote learning interactive and easy? We are here to help!