AI 360° 4K Conference Cam

Meet the Future

4 Cam Lens

4K 360°

AI Built-in

Multi-People Tracking

Multi-Video Modes

Control Buttons

Remote Control

Omnidirectional Mics

Extendable Stand

Plug & Play

4 Cam Lens

4K 360°

AI Built-in

Multi-People Tracking

Multi-Video Modes

Control Buttons

Remote Control

Omnidirectional Mics

Extendable Stand

Plug & Play

Revolutionary. Intelligent.

When meeting face to face, we are able to look directly at each other at eye level. As we enter a new era of hybrid work with accelerated usage of video meetings, the current video conference equipment has not yet caught up.

Innex Cube uniquely sits in the middle of the table and captures faces vividly in proximity. Improve meeting equity and exclude no one from the conversation with dedicated close-up shots for everyone in the room. Increase interpersonal interaction by delivering the most vivid and inclusive video for remote participants.

Minimal. Desirable. Best in Class

The name says it all – Innex Cube is eye-catching with its compact, elegant design. A superb touch – an anodized finish to complete its high-end metallic look with smooth surfaces.

Four camera lens, dual omnidirectional microphones, and a state-of-the-art AI tracking technology- every piece of brilliance is adapted into a delicate, palm-sized camera.

Extendable Stand

Flexible for Your Space

Position Innex Cube at the eye-level height to capture the faces perfectly. With three detachable poles that can be flexibly assembled to adjust the camera to different heights, you can take your Cube to a variety of meeting locations and still keep that perfect eye-level shot.

  • 30cm/12″ Two Poles: for typical meeting room table.
  • 42cm/16.5″ Three Poles: for shorter table.

4 Camera Lens

Ultimate Panoramic. 4K Clarity.

More cameras equal better clarity. Innex Cube features four 5MP cameras and the most advanced, distortion-free real-time stitching algorithm to capture every participant in the room, and produce a truly immersive 360° field of view in 4K clarity.

Omnidirectional Mics

Capture Your Voice, Naturally

Capture your voice from the center of the table, a more natural and ideal position for better audio. With dual omnidirectional microphones built-in, every word can be heard clearly, ensuring a smooth meeting flow for every participant.

Button Control

Right at Your Fingertips

The cam & mic buttons let you quickly react at the most crucial moment, without desperately searching for the software menu bar that sometimes disappears.

Handy Remote Control

Designed for anyone to use Cube’s AI functionalities with ease!

All the video modes require no software nor app installed in your computer or smartphone. With the intuitive buttons and arrow keys, you can customize your video to fit your meeting space.

Just like using your TV remote control, the on-screen display ensures everyone to become an instant expert with Innex Cube.

AI-powered Video Modes

Immersive. Inclusive. Intelligent.

Stage auto-frames the presenter(s) in the stage area and displays at the upper screen while showing the back 180° side at the lower screen.

Auto-Framing frames people in the center of the view and trims off excess space on both sides.

Conversation splits participants from two sides into two equal 180° views.

360° Panorama shows a full 360-degree view.

Customize the field of view with 5 preset viewing angles. From 360° to 270°/180°/120°/90°, with e-pan and tilt.

Ignore Zone

Avoid Interference & Protect Privacy

Customize the Ignore Zone to avoid interference that might accidentally appear with a close-up shot. No matter it is people passing by the door, reflection on the glass. Or simply you just don’t want to focus on a certain area of the room. Simply setup an Ignore Zone with the remote!

How It Shows

With the Ignore Zone blocking the entrance, Innex Cube will not focus on that particular area that people might pass by. Your video will stay as it is!

* Ignore Zone only applies to AI mode, not in Manual Mode.

Certified by Barco ClickShare

Certified by Barco Clickshare, Innex Cube’s amazing video quality with AI video modes are accessible “cable-free” through Clickshare’s superb wireless connectivity.

Take Video Meeting to the Next Level.

With the customizable view angle and the AI tracking modes, Cube can serve various sizes of the meeting space and the crowd. From a huddle space with a small table, to a mid-size meeting room designed for 6-8 people, even a management office where the team sit at the opposite side of the manager, Cube can be the perfect solution.

A Complete Set

Innex Cube

Red Oak Wooden Base


Remote Control

USB Cable

Travel Box


Video Resolution & FPS: 3840×964@30fps (Panoramic View)

Lens Resolution: 5MP, 1/2.7″CMOS

Stitching Technology: Dynamic Real-Time Stitching Technology

Focus Distance: 2.3ft/70cm

Field of View: Horizontal: 360° Vertical: 90°

Camera Embedded Mode:

  1. Dedicated Focus
  2. Stage
  3. Auto-framing
  4. Conversation
  5. Manual 360°/270°/180°/120°/90°

Built-in Microphone: Dual Stereo Omnidirectional Microphone Array

Sensitivity: -26dB

Automatic Gain Control

Active Noise Suppression

Pickup Range: 10ft/ 3m

Interface: USB Type C

Powered By: USB3.0

Operating System:

Windows 11, 10
MacOS 10.15 or above
Chrome OS

Mount Type: Wooden base & poles

Cable: 1.5m

Product Dimensions: Cube: 65x65x66mm. Pole: 122mm. Wooden Base: 26×138φmm. Full Height: 208 mm (1 Pole)/ 324 mm (2 Poles)/ 440 mm (3 Poles)

Travel Box: 235x108x165 mm

Net Weight:

Cube: 260 g. Wooden Base: 345 g. Poles: 70g (for 3)

Package Contents:

Cube, USB Cable (1.5m), Pole x3, Wooden Base, Remote Control, Batteries x2(for Remote Control), Travel Box