For Conference Camera

Unleash Full Capabilities of C830 

  • Windows, macOS version
  • AI Tracking, 6 video modes, image adjustments, firmware update.
  • Compatible Product: Innex C830 & Cube

Optimize Your C220 & C470 Camera Settings

  • Windows, macOS version
  • Image adjustments, E-PTZ, Auto-framing on/off, firmware update.
  • Compatible Products: Innex C220, C470. 

For Document Camera

Unleash your Creativity with Ideao VisualCam
  • Windows & Mac version.
  • Screenshot, record, digital zoom, rotate, split screen, PIP, on-screen annotation, whiteboard.
  • Compatible Product: Ideao DC400/ Innex DC500
Cross-Platform Chrome Extension App
  • Works on Mac, Windows, and ChromeBook.
  • Screenshot, record, digital zoom, rotate, stop motion, Google integration.
  • Compatible Products: Ideao DC400/ Innex DC500

For Collaboration

For Personal Device

  • Windows version.
  • Reactiv PITCH, STAGE and SCRIBBLE allow you to display any content and manipulate it as naturally as paper, pin your camera, and annotate over the content. Make your remote presentation more memorable.

For Public Spaces

  • Windows version.
  • Developed for 4K touchscreens and optimized for intuitive touch and stylus input. IWB is perfect for public environments where multiple users need to login and access data securely. Features such as one-click meeting join, room calendar and kiosk mode simplify boardroom connectivity.



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