CT Series

Top level security touch display for corporations!

Step into the Future Collaboration

The CT Series is the all-in-one collaboration touch display that empower teams for effortless engagement and ideation with full support for the hybrid working era. Bring your own meeting and connect with the team anytime, anywhere!

Responsive Touch

Adopted Infra-red touch technology, enabling responsive touch and write experience fingers and pens.

Windows Ink Compatible

Writing tools are optimized for seamless Windows Ink, Microsoft Whiteboard, or Office365 experience.

AI Camera & Mic

Integrated AI camera with multiple video modes available, including smart gallery, auto-framing.

Wireless Conferencing

Full BYOM (Bring Your Own Meeting) support with responsive multi-screen casting, camera streaming, and touch back control.

Top-Level Security

Safety-first approach to protect your data. Clear as you go!

User-Centered Design

Unique and eye-catching design. User friendly for anyone to collaborate in seconds.

Designed with Data Security in Mind

The CT Series does not have an embedded operating system, ensuring that your data remains secure on your own device, offering safety and clarity as you wrap up meetings.

Bring Your Own Meeting

The CT Series offers comprehensive BYOM compatibility, allowing you to connect your laptop and start an interactive meeting right away. Access everything you need from the CT Series within seconds, including the integrated conference camera, microphone, speakers, screen sharing, and touch back.

Utilize the plug-and-play Connect Pro Button to share screen within one click. Access camera wirelessly directly from your laptop.

Utilize native casting to share your screen. Supported casting methods include: Airplay (Macbook, iPhone, iPad); Miracast (Windows devices, Android devices); and Chromecast (Chromebook, chrome browser).

The CT Series can simultaneously connect and display up to four devices, including laptops, tablets, and smartphones, in a quad-split screen, enabling team members to collaborate and brainstorm together.

With touchback control, when you interact with your content on the CT Series display, all the operation will apply the same back to your laptop simultaneously. All you meeting notes are saved in your own device.

AI Camera Streaming

When screen casting via USB pod, you can wirelessly access the CT Series conference camera and 8-microphone array directly from the laptop, without requiring an extra cable connecting between your laptop and camera. The integrated wide-angle camera features AI-powered display modes, including auto-framing, gallery, and speaker tracking for your choice.


Gallery mode detects up to 5 people and creates an individual close-up shot for each person, providing an immersive meeting experience.


Auto-Framing automatically detects where people are seated within its wide-angle view, centers them in the frame, and trims excess space on both sides.

Speaker Tracking

Speaker Tracking mode detects and tracks the active speaker with advanced audio recognition, making it perfect for presentations.

User-Centered Design

Compared to traditional displays where buttons are positioned forward, the control panel of the CT series is uniquely placed upward, seamlessly combining functionality with aesthetics and ergonomics. The upward layout makes it easy for the person standing in front of the display to recognize button functions and press them.

Finger, Pen & Eraser

Seamlessly Write and Collaborate

Optimize for Windows Ink, seamlessly interact with your content. The CT series identifies whether you are using finger, pen, or eraser. Works smoothly with Microsoft Whiteboard, PowerPoint slides, spread sheets, and Word document. Annotate, mark up and highlight content to make your presentation engaging!

Handy Remote Control

Designed with your utmost convenience in mind, the remote control uniquely combines command over the built-in camera and the display. No need to download additional software or apps – you can easily manage everything with just one remote. Adjust camera modes, change viewing angles, and tailor other settings to your preferences effortlessly.

OS Flexibility

Equipped with an OPS slot, the CT Series provides you the flexibility to choose your preferred operating system: Windows, Android, or Google-certified OPS.


Screen size: 65″/75″/86″

Resolution: UHD 3840×2160

Display Ratio: 16:9

Brightness: Typ. 450 cd/m2

Color Depth: 1.07B

Contrast Ratio: 1200:1

Panel Surface: Anti-glare glass


Touch Technology: Infrared touch

Touch Type: Finger/ Stylus/ Eraser

Multi-Touch Points Support: 40 Points

Speaker Output: 15Wx2

Camera: 8MP 120-degree Wide Angle, Built-in AI modes: Auto-framing/Gallery/ Speaker tracking

Microphone: 8-Mic Array with AGC/ANR/AEC

Device: Connect Pro receiver

Interface:  Airplay & Miracast & Chromecast / Connect Pro Button

Features: Camera Streaming, Microphone Pick-up, Screen Casting, Touchback Control


USB-A 3.0 x2 (dynamic)

USB-C x1


HDMI In x2

HDMI Out x1

USB-A 3.0 x2 (dynamic)

USB-C x1

USB-B for Touch x1

USB-A 2.0 (for service only)

SPDIF out x1

RS232 x1

OPS Slot x1

AC In x1


HDMI (Custom) x1