FTI社がMarTechプロジェクトでBiLab(Bright Insight Lab)と協業を発表(英文)

Fun Technology Innovation (FTI) announces the cooperation with Bright Insight Lab (BiLab) in a MarTech project.

BiLab dedicates in business intelligence, data analytics and market trend insight, providing business management solution to organizations. Bilab is led by Mr. Chen Wen-Hua, Professor at National Taiwan University in Business Administration, expertised in CRM, IoT, Fin Tech, technological innovation, and data mining.

The MarTech development project integrates technology and domain knowledge, to better analyze consumer buying behavior, evaluate market opportunities, and automate data collection process for competitive analysis. Following the trend of digital transformation, the MarTech project will be leveraged in predictive marketing and data-driven decision making.

“Thanks for the visit of Prof. Chen and the team, it was an inspiring discussion regarding the future of videoconferencing opportunities in the post-COVID era. Integrating Big Data and AI technology, we look forward to creating solution in field of hybrid working, remote learning and blended learning with great user experience”, said Eric Lee, Founder & CEO of FTI. “Meanwhile, we are very excited to kick off the MarTech development project with BiLab. This project will enhance our ability in precision marketing, empower FTI to expand in E-commerce, and build FTI’s competence in the mid to long term. Again, thanks for Prof. Chen and BiLab’s support. Let’s work together and take FTI global!”

About FTI

Fun Technology Innovation Inc. (FTI) designs and develops technology to enrich people’s lives. Combining high quality audio-visual, human-computer interaction, and AI, FTI’s offerings enable digital connection and collaboration. With the focus in the field of working, learning, and entertainment, FTI owns 3 key brands: Innex, Ideao, and Injoy to serve the market.