Choose the Right Conference Camera Based on Room Size

Choosing the right video conference camera can greatly impact the overall experience of your virtual meetings. One of the most critical factors to consider when selecting a camera is the size of the room you plan to use it in. Microsoft defines four main types of meeting rooms based on their size and number of participants: Focus rooms, small rooms, mid rooms, and large rooms. Let’s take a look at the best fit Innex video conference cameras for each of these room types:

Focus Room (2×3 meters, 3-5 People)

If you have a focus room that accommodates 3 to 5 people, you can consider the following cameras:

  1. Innex C830: Designed for huddle spaces, this camera offers an expansive 180-degree field of view, making it ideal for small groups and limited room space.
  2. Innex Cube: This versatile camera is perfect for focus rooms with its 360-degree panorama. Place it in the center of the table and its built-in AI will automatically track everyone in the room and create individual close-ups, allowing for an eye-level natural view and an immersive meeting experience.

Small Room (4×6 meters, up to 7 people)

For small rooms that can accommodate up to 8 people, you may want to consider the following cameras:

  1. Innex C830: With a light tap of the button, you can switch between 180°/150°/120°/90°/75° to accommodate different meeting group sizes. By using the Innex Studio software, you can track each participant, switch to auto-framing or whiteboard mode, and more.
  2. Innex Cube: Its built-in auto-tracking can track up to 8 participants at once with a remote, without requiring software or an app. More video modes such as auto-framing and viewing angle switch can also be operated easily.

Mid Room (4×8 meters, up to 11 people)

For medium-sized rooms that can accommodate up to 14 people, you may want to consider the following cameras:

  1. Innex C570: This camera is perfect for midsize meeting rooms, offering a 120-degree field of view with ultra-sharp 4K clarity. It has built-in auto-framing that dynamically centers everyone in the frame whenever participants join or leave. You can also use the remote to zoom in up to 5x to focus on specific areas.
  2. Innex C470: Similar to the Innex C570, this camera offers 4K resolution with a 120-degree wide view and built-in auto-framing. However, it requires the use of the software “VAP Studio” to adjust its digital zoom.

Large Room (6×10 meters, up to 18 people)

For large rooms that can accommodate up to 18 people, you will need a camera with a wide field of view or specific video layout. The following cameras are ideal for large rooms:

  1. Innex C570: With its wide 120-degree field of view and auto-framing feature, the camera can automatically adjust the view to center every participant. With 5x digital zoom, you can also focus on a specific person or areas such as whiteboard, TV screen to engage remote audiences.
  2. Innex Cube: This powerful conference camera features 360-degree panorama and versatile video modes, making it suitable for large room settings. Place the Cube in the middle of the table and switch to “Conversation” mode to split participants from two sides into two equal 180-degree views, allowing face-to-face meeting experience even with a large group.

In summary, if you want to take your virtual meetings to the next level, you need to choose the right video conference camera based on the size of the room you’re working with. By following these guidelines for room size and number of participants, you can ensure that everyone in the meeting has a great experience. Of course, there are other factors to consider, such as the purpose of the meeting, whether it’s a group discussion, a presentation, or something else entirely. But don’t worry, we’ll cover those aspects in our next blog post!

In the meantime, be sure to check out our range of Innex conference cameras. Whether you’re working in a focus room or a large meeting space, we’ve got you covered with cameras that offer everything from 360-degree panoramas to ultra-sharp 4K clarity. And don’t forget to click here to learn more about our conference camera!