Stay in Focus: The Benefits of AI Auto-Framing in Conference Cameras

You may frequently encounter the term “Auto-framing” when searching for conference cameras online. Auto-framing automatically adjusts the camera’s field of view to capture all participants in the view while cropping out distracting backgrounds. Using advanced algorithms and human-detection technology, auto-framing can track the movement of individuals in the room and adjust the camera’s position and zoom to ensure everyone is included in the frame.

This is particularly useful in meeting rooms where there may be multiple individuals moving around, or in cases where there are fewer participants present, resulting in a lot of unused space in the view. By capturing all participants and eliminating distracting backgrounds, auto-framing technology improves the overall quality of video calls and recordings.

The benefits of auto-framing include:

  1. Improved focus: Auto-framing ensures that the participants remain in focus, reducing distractions and improving overall image quality.
  2. Increased engagement: By keeping all participants in the frame and cropping out distracting backgrounds, auto-framing increases engagement among in-room and remote participants.
  3. Reduced manual effort: The need for manual adjustments is eliminated, making auto-framing a convenient and time-saving option for those every participants.

The Innex C470, Innex C570, Innex C830, and Innex Cube all feature built-in AI auto-framing technology.

Innex C470

This 4K conference camera boasts a 120-degree wide field of view and built-in AI auto-framing capabilities. The auto-framing feature can be disabled via the VAP Studio software.

Innex C570

With its 4K resolution and 120-degree wide field of view, the Innex C570 is a high-performance conference camera that features responsive AI auto-framing and 5x digital zoom. It can be operated via remote control.

Innex Cube

A high-grade 4K conference camera, the Innex Cube offers a 360-degree field of view and multiple video modes, auto-framing is one of the modes. Like the C570, it is operated via remote control.

Innex C830

It features 4K resolution and 180-degree wide field of view. The auto-framing feature is operated via the Innex Studio software.

Compare Innex Conference Cameras

Resolution1920 x 10803840 x 21603840 x 21603840 x 21603840×964
AI CapabilityNoEmbedded auto-framingEmbedded auto-framing and ePTZ (remote control)ePTZ, facial tracking, auto-framing, whiteboard mode, manual mode (software control)Embedded AI modes: Dedicated Focus, Stage, Auto-framing.
Embedded manual modes: Conversation, viewing angle switch, pan & tilt (remote control)
Diagonal Field of View71°120°120°180°/150°/120°/90°/75°360°/270°/180°/120°/90°
Built-in Microphone2 omnidirectional microphones2 omnidirectional microphones2 electret microphones2 omnidirectional microphones2 omnidirectional microphones
Built-in SpeakerNoNoNoNoNo
Optimal Sound Pickup Range4m/13ft4m/13ft4m/13ft4m/13ft3m/ 10ft
Privacy ShutterYesNoYesNoNo
Mounting MethodMounting clipMounting clip
Mounting clip
Mounting clip
Wall Mount
Detachable Stand
Suggested Use CasePersonalPersonal & meeting roomSmall to mid-size meeting room & classroomFlexible conference space & classroomFlexible conference space, lecture hall