FunTech Innovation Introduces New Identity

Introducing Our New Logo

FunTech Innovation announces the rebranding of the company logo. The identity is transformed in order to match the brand image with the company goal, and to satisfy the expectations of what FunTech Innovation represents.

FTI designs innovative and AI-powered collaboration solutions that revolutionize remote communication. The new logo style is designed to be minimal, neat, and professional, to communicate and reinforce company image.

Color Palette

Our iconic orange remains as our corporate color. The color orange shows energy, happiness, and innovation that serves perfectly as FTI’s brand spirit. Innex and Ideao, share the same color palette as the company logo to form consistency across FTI’s logo profile. By adding different levels of gray color, the visual is more balanced and reliable.



About FunTech Innovation (FTI)

FTI designs innovative and AI powered collaboration solutions that revolutionize remote communication and create the most true-to-life experience in a virtual environment. Powered by big data and consumer insight discovery, we infuse fun, artistic design and surprising technologies into our products to deliver the most mind-blowing experience for people. FTI owns 2 key brands: Innex and Ideao that present two product lines.