FTI Announces A Strategic Alliance Partnership with Corporate Connection

Fun Technology Innovation Inc. (FTI) announces a strategic alliance partnership in the UAE with Corporate Connection General Trading L.L.C (CC), a digital transformation technology company of the prestigious Mohamed Hareb Al Otaiba (MHAO) group. FTI’s Digital Table portfolio will soon be available to UAE customers exclusively through CC with its extensive coverage in the UAE.

As the pandemic forces the world to adopt remote and hybrid work tools overnight – businesses, government agencies, and educational institutions are overwhelmed trying to cope with the challenges brought forth by this paradigm shift.  Becoming competent with remote communication and collaboration tools is now the new race for corporations. Investment is expected to increase tremendously to connect employees, supply chain partners, and customers.  As more and more people return to work after economies open up, businesses find themselves in a shortage of huddle meeting spaces with video conference technologies. FTI’s solutions provide forward-looking corporations with unique competitive advantages by improving remote meeting efficiency and optimizing their meeting spaces. The innovative AI-powered collaboration concept called the “Digital Table” creates the most true-to-life experience in a virtual environment.  The “Digital Table” is a solution that integrates: Innex – an AI-focused audio and video conference camera family, Ideao – an interactive collaboration line, and Vizetto Inc.’s Reactiv SUITE – a world-class presentation and collaboration software solution which transforms the remote meeting experience.

“We are extremely excited to start our partnership with Corporate Connection and Mohamed Hareb Al Otaiba,” said Eric Lee, founder, and CEO of FTI. “FTI believes that video conferences can be transformed by not just focusing on traditional elements such as audio and video technologies, but by considering the user experience when collaborating, content sharing, and annotating to create the most effective hybrid meeting possible.  Our hardware solutions, combined with Reactiv SUITE will help any business transform their ability to engage each other in any remote meeting.  UAE is top-tier in international trade and technology adoption – we can’t think of a more prestigious partner in this vibrant market of strategic importance.

“Digital transformation is not just about cloud-hosted data and security, but needs to consider the user experience,” said Av Utukuri, founder and CEO at Vizetto. “We have spent years researching the neuroscience of how our brains engage with information and people during a remote meeting. Using these principles, Reactiv SUITE helps any presenter elevate their presence, stand out and help their audience to focus on the key message. I am very excited to work with FTI and CC to bring this solution to the market.”

“We are delighted to have signed the partnership agreement between Corporate Connection and Fun Technology Innovation Inc. It is a perfect collaboration and synergy between two organizations, to empower our customers in communication and collaboration experience. Our AI-powered cameras along with our intelligent software solutions will enhance information exchange be it hybrid working environment, blended learning environment or online coaching environment. I am equally excited to work with both market leaders to avail these technologies to our market,” said Larry Leow, Head of Digital Transformation, Corporate Connection.

Any significant environmental change in the economy and market creates demand for new technologies and nurtures their development. As we just experienced the first global pandemic of our time, it’s obvious that the business environment will be evolving at a much faster rate. Corporations must continue to adopt new technologies to overcome new forms of challenges. Sharing the same vision, Corporate Connection and FTI cooperate to benefit customers with enhanced remote collaboration, improved hybrid productivity, and ultimately better working and living lifestyles.

About Fun Technology Innovation Inc.

FTI designs innovative and AI-powered collaboration solutions that revolutionize remote communication and create the most true-to-life experience in a virtual environment. Powered by big data and consumer insight discovery, we infuse fun, artistic design, and surprising technologies into our products to deliver the most mind-blowing experience for people.

About Corporate Connection General Trading L.L.C

Corporate Connection is a Leading Provider of Business Technologies, based in the United Arab Emirates, and a member of Mohamed Hareb Al Otaiba Group.With 75 years of experience in IT Hardware and Software solutions, digital transformation, document management solutions as well as digital printing solutions, we aim to transform your business by achieving great operational efficiency, enhancing customer experience, and much more.

About Mohamed Hareb Al Otaiba

Mohamed Hareb Al Otaiba is a multi-diversified conglomerate, with a glorious legacy of almost 75 years and a rich portfolio of companies ranging in industries like Transportation, Retail, Technology, F & B/FMCG, Fabrication, and Services. Also, we have world-class renowned brands as our trading partners including BOSCH, BEKO, XEROX, RICOH, and AVIS.